Pregnancy Chiropractic

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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Dunwoody, GA

Our longstanding commitment to achieving your full-body health includes the little one growing inside you. When you are responsible for not one life but two, your health becomes even more important. Perhaps that means making you more comfortable or helping you get around easier. Maybe it means putting the baby in a better position for birth. Or possibly, it means helping stabilize your joints and counteracting the injuries and tweaks that can accompany pregnancy.

Whatever your goal for the remainder of your term, we invite you to tell us all about it. We will help you create a customized, personalized plan that attends to your individual needs and makes this special time easier and more peaceful for you. Here at Wilson Family Chiropractic, that’s just what we do.

Would You Like an Easier Pregnancy in Dunwoody?

Okay, that was a bit of a leading question … of course you want an easier pregnancy. What woman doesn’t wish their pregnancy could be more comfortable, the better to enjoy special time with your partner, your family and your little bun in the oven?

Luckily, chiropractic care can go a long way toward helping you find an easier pregnancy. Our range of techniques, including the highly specialized Webster Technique, can help both you and baby reach greater health and comfort.

What Is the Webster Technique and How Can It Help You?

The Webster Technique is a type of chiropractic adjustment of the lower back. The sacral or lumbar region, as this is called, bears the bulk of the stress and pressure that comes with pregnancy. Your lower back now only has to account for a different center of gravity, but it puts in much more work as your core muscles are decreasingly able to support you.

The Webster Technique aims to fix that with careful, gentle adjustments that facilitate your pelvic alignment. We will adjust your muscles and ligaments, reduce the strain on your uterus and back, and align your pelvic region with your overall nervous system for greater comfort and healthy.

Improving Pelvic Balance and Fetal Positioning

The Webster Technique can also help provide alignment of the pelivs so that the baby has more room to position itself correctly. Fetal positioning is critical if you want to have a natural birth, as it is very difficult to deliver a breech baby. Especially if you hope to have an un-medicated birth or home birth, fetal positioning is key.

The Webster Technique also helps with pelvic balance. One of the downsides of pregnancy is that it throws your center of gravity off. As you try to compensate for this, you often put more pressure on one hip or another or put too much strain on your back. The adjustment seeks to restore pelvic balance.

Come See a Dunwoody Chiropractor for Pregnancy Care

Ready to make an appointment for pregnancy chiropractic care? Please give us a call at (678) 205-1573 or request an appointment through our website. We look forward to improving your life, and baby’s, very soon.

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